A re-launch: Epic becomes Serial

   Due to positive feedback from readers, I decided to shorten the length of stories in The Zarulium Chronicles series. I had originally conceived of epic-length stories, and released the first two accordingly, of a planned 9-10 book series. After readers reacted almost unanimously in suggesting that I 'cut them in half', I spent the past few months doing that.

   I am happy to report that the first book is now two books. What previously I had titled Days of Discovery is now in two parts called Destination Nazca and A Day of Discovery. Those who appreciate a faster paced read, and a shorter one (i.e. possibly everyone?), will receive just that from these two episodes, which number 221 and 284 pages, respectively.

   I will forewarn all readers that each story now has increased likelihood of ending with a 'to be continued' aspect to it, but not, of course, the very last one!