At last we have edited Misadventures in Time Travel and will publish it after a final proofreading. If we can accomplish the publishing by the end of the first week in April, then the gap between publications will have been a little over seven months.

  After I had planned then written the first installation, Days of Discovery, and my editor, Alice, had read it, she commented that I bragged of time travel as the theme for my series, yet merely teased readers with it in the first story. I concurred without reservation because, as I explained to her then, I wanted my first story to thoroughly cover the 'origins' concept. I had no intention of dropping a reader into the middle of a grand story, only to later need to go back and tell readers how everything got started.

  I reasoned that, having chosen time travel as a major theme in my writing, I might eventually cause readers enough confusion regarding timelines in the small stories within one novel – I did not desire to add a non-chronological epic story telling concept to my planned series of trilogies. That idea could change, but not without readers telling me they want that sort of complication.

  None of this withstanding, I feel that those seeking some time travel density will find it in Misadventures. In this book I explore many of the theoretical concepts that scientists have formulated regarding time travel, all the while attempting to balance keeping things both easy enough for inexperienced readers to follow and still challenging the more discerning sci-fi reader. By all means, I hope that readers will let me know how I did with that.

  In Misadventures, I tried not to introduce too many new characters, and would remind readers to refer to the cast of characters section of the book/website to find out who among the new is important, or will be, moving forward.

  A note about cost – I wanted to give away the first book in an effort to determine if readers had an interest in this type of story. The number of downloads at Smashwords alone indicates that readers are interested, but since it is free, I cannot tally the download totals of other providers. If, in the future, there were a chance that a print publisher was interested, then I would need to provide them with some financial data.

  The way I view it, to tell a prospective publisher 'I have thousands of free downloads' would make them politely smile. To tell them 'I have generated a few thousand in income' might make them smile and widen their eyes revealing dollar signs within them. Obviously, I would prefer the latter.

  Finally, for those who wonder about the final part of the first of three planned trilogies – tentatively titled Battles for Control – let me inform you that my first draft is about 80% written. I hope to complete it by the end of May, edit it through the summer with Alice, and publish it by the fall, in time for school starting.