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A re-launch: Epic becomes Serial

   Due to positive feedback from readers, I decided to shorten the length of stories in The Zarulium Chronicles series. I had originally conceived of epic-length stories, and released the first two accordingly, of a planned 9-10 book series. After readers reacted almost unanimously in suggesting that I 'cut them in half', I spent the past few months doing that.



  On Friday past, I finished the first draft of the second book in the Zarulium Chronicles series. I finished the rough draft over the previous weekend, and then spent last week reading and correcting small details. From here until I publish, the book will undergo a rigorous edit that will involve my editor.

  My editor is Alice, who is also my wife, and who has far more education of a relevant nature, than I do, when it comes to writing. One might say, I have the ideas, and she makes sure that those ideas are legible before a reader undertakes the challenge!

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