Young Adult Readers

Destination Nazca is the first novel in The Zarulium Chronicles ebook series. This young adult adventure series features science fiction, romance, mystery, and humor. In Destination Nazca, follow three teens as they face a variety of challenges in their personal and social lives. Surrounding Natalia, Joe and Alejandro is a host of intriguing adult characters: an experimenting astrophysicist, a wealthy philanthropist, a retired military General, a womanizing geologist, and an unusual assassin. The main setting for the novel is the mountains near Nazca, Peru.

As you move forward through The Zarulium Chronicles series, the stakes get higher, the tension increases and the adventures explode. Join Natalia, Joe and Alejandro as they discover new companions, travel to exotic locations and face unexpected situations. The relationships develop and intensify. The stories about Zarulium take on cosmic significance!

Enjoy reading book one in the series. Use the link on the homepage to download a copy of the novel from Smashwords.

Since the material is of a young adult nature, we recommend that readers be 13 years old or older.

Christopher A Forrest has just published the second book in the series - A Day of Discovery.