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The Zarulium Chronicles - Series Overview

The Zarulium Chronicles is dedicated to challenging 21st century teen readers: this scifi adventure series explores young adult struggles and addresses many contemporary world issues.

The first book in the series, Destination Nazca, mixes science fiction, mystery, romance and humor.

The Zarulium Chronicles is a thought-provoking new YA series that explores a variety of personal adolescence issues such as bullying, self-doubt, frustration, friendship, love and courage as well as controversial social issues such as corporate ethics, international relations, scientific discoveries and resource management.

Due to the young adult nature of the material, we recommend that readers be 13 years of age or older.

Christopher A Forrest creates many characters who have been marginalized in traditional literature. His Zarulium characters reflect the mutli-cultural tapestry of our 21st century world.

The diverse group of teens in The Zarulium Chronicles increases in number as the problems in the series increase: the adventures begin in Destination Nazca and will continue to develop until they reach cosmic significance!

Encourage your teen to join the adventures in The Zarulium Chronicles today! Better yet, why don't you read the novel as well!

Book one available for download at Smashwords

For more information about indie author Christopher A Forrest as well as his influences and writing process, look under the "author" tab on the website homepage. He can be reached at Please share your feedback!