Frequently Asked Questions

What is Destination Nazca about?

There are many discoveries waiting for you in the first book of this new series. There is adventure, science fiction, romance and humour in this novel. You will meet many interesting and unusual characters: three teens facing a variety of challenges in their personal and social lives; an unusual assassin; a retired military General with big plans for the future; a wealthy philanthropist, and an experimenting astrophysicist. Many more characters join the story as you journey forward. There are a variety of different story lines that all come together when Zarulium enters the story!


Where can I get the book?

Destination Nazca is available for a FREE download at Smashwords. Here is the link. Enjoy book one in The Zarulium Chronicles series!


What is Zarulium?

You’ll have to read the book to find out! Let’s just say that it is one of the most important discoveries for the group of adventurers in Destination Nazca!


What is the age range for readers of this series?

This series is for everyone who likes fun characters and adventure stories! Due to some subject matter, we suggest the target readership age is 13 and up. Many adults have read Destination Nazca and thoroughly enjoyed the diverse characters and exciting plot twists.


What type of book or genre is this series?

The Zarulium Chronicles are primarily young adult adventure books with science fiction elements.

To read more about the genre and Christopher's writing process, check out the information under the "Author" tab.


What are the Nazca Lines?

In Destination Nazca, we find out that the Nazca Lines in Peru may be under threat. The lines are ancient drawings, called geoglyphs, in the ground up on a high desert plateau in the southern Peruvian mountains. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to their isolated desert conditions and infrequent wind, the Nazca Lines are beautifully preserved despite being made over 1,400 years ago! Archaeologists know very little about them although there are many controversial theories.

In Destination Nazca, we learn that the ancient Nazca Lines are in danger due to a greedy strip mining company.

Check out the website photos. The website shows pictures of the Spider and the Hummingbird. Ancient people created them between 400-650 AD.


How many books will be in the series?

Christopher A Forrest has a vision of expansive story lines as well as numerous new characters to add to The Zarulium Chronicles series. Destination Nazca is the first book and A Day of Discovery is the title for the second book. Christopher is currently writing the rest of the series.

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Where do you get your ideas?

Christopher A Forrest has been reading stories and watching films for decades! He had many questions about science fiction that weren’t answered or explored in other stories so he decided to explore them himself. The books address many of Christopher's interests: the mysteries of time travel, the struggles in teenage relationships, the dangers of corporate greed, the wonders of archaeology, and the possibilities of worlds beyond what we know!

Look under the "Author" tab to learn more about Christopher and his journey as a writer.


Do you have a favourite character?

Christopher enjoys writing about every one of his characters and tries to find each person's unique truth. This does not mean, however, that he supports the same values his characters support. For example, the General's opinions are entirely his own, not the opinions of Christopher!

In Destination Nazca, Christopher introduces most of the characters in the series, although there will be more teens joining the group in the next books. You will have to read the second book in the series to find out more!

Christopher enjoys giving voice to characters that are often under-represented or marginalized in traditional literature.