Destination Nazca

Overview of the new adventure novel Destination Nazca

Just before her 13th birthday, Natalia's mother sends the troubled teen to live with her ex-husband, disgraced astrophysicist Dr. Anton Yakushev. What initially seemed like a good idea soon becomes problematic because Anton spends his time in his basement laboratory seemingly obsessed with turning science fiction to fact.

Meanwhile Joe Painted Sun has to cope with a new foster family, new school and fitting in with his recently knocked-out tooth. Joe acts cool so that no one uncovers his secret.
Then there's Alejandro. He lives isolated in the mountains where his guardians seek a cure for his disease, but something about his situation doesn't seem quite right.
Interwoven into their lives, without their even knowing it, is Lady Ruth, philanthropist and socialite, who is attempting to save the ancient Nazca Lines in Peru from a group of greedy strip-mining capitalists.
Follow their adventures as they discover that there could be something more valuable than mere gold in the Peruvian mountains!