Christopher's Biography

Biography – Christopher A Forrest

Christopher A Forrest graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A. in English and Drama. He has been an actor, director, singer, booze expert and artist. His is enjoying his current job most of all  . . .  author of works of fiction!

Destination Nazca is Christopher’s first novel in the new teen adventure series The Zarulium Chronicles. He is also the author of the adult literary novel, The Idlers of March.

Christopher has always enjoyed sports, films, music and gaming. As a role-play gamer, he is a two-time Pandemonium winner (lost Worlds and Star Trek) and he has been playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons since 1982. For PC and PS3 games, he enjoys Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic, and the Elder Scrolls series (Completed Skyrim – level 81.5).

Christopher's musical preferences include R&B, pop, rock, and classical. He is fan of the Star Trek series, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and films inspired by the works of Philip K Dick. He enjoys the work of Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, J. R. R. Tolkien, H. G. Wells, Kurt Vonnegut and many others.

Christopher lives near Barrie, Ontario with his wife and three children.

He’d like to hear your comments about his books, so send him a post on Facebook and share your ideas!

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