Cast of Characters

Characters - in order of appearance

(* indicates minor role)

 Dr. Anton Yakushev

 Astrophysicist and inventor


 13-year-old Peruvian lad

 Eva (Evo)

 Alejandro's female guardian

 Paul (Pol)

 Alejandro's male guardian

 Joe Painted Sun

 12-year-old First Nations lad

 *Uncle Bear Claw

 Joe's uncle

 Lady Ruth Clarkson-Smythe

 A philanthropic billionaire

 Dr. Sven Ferengson

 Geologist with archaeological background

 *Several reporters


 *Ms. Levinski


 Natalia Yakushev

 Almost 13-year-old lass

 Susan Bedford

 Natalia's mother, divorced from Anton

 *Billy 'Biff' Johnson


 *Principal Piggleton


 General Hank Wessel (Ursus Maritimus)

 Retired. Now CEO of Malevcon Mining Ltd

 *Several flight attendants


 Mantis Religiosa (Sheila Brown) (Georgina Ivan)

 An assassin

 Tigris Panthera

 Mantis's boss


 Mining foreman

 *Sensei Jean Claude

 Karate master

 Sir Chauncey Clarkson

 Lady Ruth's uncle

 Dr. Theresa Henderson


 Tillie O'Saunter


 *Admiral Phillip Cunningham


 Chuck Blyster

 Retired army sergeant. Now mercenary

 *Ms. Coulston


 *OPP Constable Shempherd

 Ontario Provincial Police Officer


 Sir Chauncey's aeronautical assistant

 *Capt. Hughes

 Sir Chauncey's pilot

 *Several airport personnel


 Capt. Divo Stritick

 Pilot and leader

 Lieut. Tuva Stiggat

 Military junior officer

 Dr. Lona Shpleck


 Lieut. Commander Linko Sputz

 Senior science officer

 Lieut. Salo Strank

 Junior science officer

 *Juan Rodriguez

 Security boss


 Security guard


 Security guard

 *Elder Shakkist

 Capt. Stritick's boss

 Cliff Kravan

 General Wessel's campaign manager

 *Taxi driver



 A motel concierge

 *Various CNN newscasters